The Next VillageFest Will Open "Global Christmas Village Day" Saturday, November 8, 2025

A Global Gathering to Celebrate Fans of Villaging

"Christmas Memories Begin Here"

The First Celebration Was

"VillageFest 2022"

The largest-ever "Village Gathering"

is now another Christmas Memory.

Thank You All, for Telling Your Friends,

and sharing your time with us.


Final Tally:

Just "barely" over, but still over,

13 Thousand Villagers

visited here during these two weeks of

Inspiration, Information & Fun


Everyone, every club, every business and

every villager that was seen in this inaugural

VillageFest is authorized to display this logo.

(first version is a jpg file, second is a png file)






But Wait!


Enjoy more villaging with

The Village Collector









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